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YEARS OF Development

What is Aion?

The name Aion comes from a Hellenistic deity associated with time, the encompassing sphere of the universe, or a self-returning circle. The two circles in the logo also symbolize this return to oneself. The „time” represented by Aion is constant, boundless, ritualistic, and cyclical: the future is a recurring version of the past. This type of time contrasts with the empirical, linear, progressive, and historical time represented by Chronos, which divides into past, present, and future. Aion combines artificial intelligence with new immersive audio, opening up time and space simultaneously, elevating entertainment to a higher and more refined level.

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Why Aion?

  • Creativity
  • Experience Squared
  • Sound Quality

Enter the World of Aion Home

Every sound created with Aion pushes the boundaries of audio range, making it essential how you listen. * Our philosophy is that not only the privileged should hear the miracle but everyone.

*Aion Home, for home cinema BluRay, TV show, or stream listening, requires that the sound in the program is encoded with Aion and the audio device can play sounds in very high quality. Aion does not manufacture chips or any audio converters since no two films are alike, just as no two pieces of music are, so each must be processed and transformed into an Aion Home format to ensure the final product is a true experience.

Why Aion?


Unbound by limits, it expands the human mind and focuses on quality, exponentially increasing the space.

Experience Squared

It doesn’t matter where you listen, but how. Every sound created with Aion is an experience.

Sound Quality

Development never stops because there’s always a new idea to try, maximizing the impossible.